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UPAINT Monaco 2024 returned from June 7th to 10th once again on the Larvotto Beachwalk. The 8th edition of your favorite monégasque street art festival supported not one, but two organizations: the FPA2 and the SPA. The goal was to raise funds to help finance the SPA's new shelter for abandoned and homeless animals.


With the help of 12 exceptional international Artists, UPAINT Monaco has brought 4 days of Creativity, Passion, and Fun once again! 

The Auction in partnership with Hôtel des Ventes Monte-Carlo, on June 10th at 6.30pm, was a success, with almost all the artworks sold. Discover the Catalog of the artworks' lots here. 

Check out our Store (coming soon) to purchase the remaining artworks, exclusive prints, and UPAINT merch!


A check for 31,000 euros has been given to H.S.H. Prince Albert II, a sum representing the net proceeds of last year's auction, to support the youth program RE.Generation. The program from the Foundation Prince Albert II aims to empower our future leaders. H.S.H. Prince Albert II attended the event on June 10th before the Auction to meet the Artists, as He does every year.

Discover the UPAINT 2024 Artists and their stories below...

Discover the Artists 

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Alex is an animal painter from the Quebec region of Canada.

Her colorful works combine abstract and figurative. She began painting self-taught in 2016. She also explored various artistic techniques during her studies in presentation design and graphic design.    

In 2018, she challenged herself to create a work without using brushes, looking around for everyday objects to stamp. This experience had a profound effect on her career, and she has continued to incorporate objects into her work, making this approach her artistic signature. Sharing her creative process through videos, Alex is very active on social networks, where her works captivate audiences both in Quebec and internationally.  

Follow her here: @alex_artiste_peintre


Andrea Cocciolo, in art ''TOSH'', born in Santa Margherita (GE) in 1995, obtains the diploma of Master of Art in 2012 at the artistic high school ''E.Luzzati'' in Chiavari (GE), where he still lives.  


From the very first steps he emerges on the Ligurian painting scene, proposing an art reminiscent of the ''pop art'' American movement of the 50s/60s, corroborated by the completely personal taste that fully expresses his artistic self.  


The reference to the ''pop'' movement is far from coincidental, since one of the earliest works signed by TOSH is what could be described as a ''cover'' of ''Toan Crawford Says'', a work by the famous American painter James Rosenquist.  


A fair balance of resourcefulness, stubbornness and talent lead him to a continuous presence in group and solo exhibitions, fairs and live performances throughout Italy. Noteworthy are the commissions received from Patron Tequila and Ernst Knam. During his young but intense career Tosh already boasts publications in the national press, including, the ''SECOLO XIX'', ''LA STAMPA'' and ''Grazia'' on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the birth of  ''Mickey Mouse''.  


Each canvas is the result of long reflections interspersed with moments of pure creative instinct, which include the use of a variety of artistic techniques: starting from the autonomous realization of the support, the application of oil and acrylic paints to the application of enamel and pastel strokes.  


TOSH's art has no half-measures, the message is direct and easily assimilated for the mind of the 'observer who remains enraptured by the assonance between bright colors and images that accumulate the life of each of us and that have been part of the lives of people of two or three generations: he himself defines it with the term ''new pop”. 

Follow him here: @andrewtoshpainter


In the mid-90s, he imposed a unique, evolving logo on the streets of Paris: Chanoir.  

The CHA come to life on the walls and communicate their feelings to passers-by. Instinctive, naive and always positive.  

He's constantly redefining the boundaries between graffiti, street art, logotypes and tags.  


He joined the Paris Beaux Arts School, graduating in 2002 with Jean-Michel Alberola. He then rubbed shoulders with the painters of the figuration libre movement, from whom he built a bridge with post-graffiti.  

His totemic paintings nevertheless evoke the mystical power of the primitive arts.  

He added performance, installation, photography, collections and video art to his means of expression, and became part of the modest art movement.  

His work draws on his childhood memories and uses the power of disguise to constantly metamorphose.  

A nomadic artist, he became extremely active on the walls of Barcelona, producing the documentary "Murs Libres" (Free Walls) about the best years of Barcelona graffiti. He then founded the 1980 collective.  


In 2003, he took over the Colombian art scene with numerous exhibitions in galleries and at Bogotá's Museum of Modern Art. He popularized graffiti as it is practiced in Europe.  

His international career took him from Miami to Los Angeles, from Beijing to Costa Rica, via Rome, London and Brussels.  


He presented a poetic interactive graffiti installation (tagging the moon) and several frescoes for the "né dans la rue" exhibition at the Fondation Cartier.  

Working with major brands, he enjoys becoming everything, covering everything, dressing everything. 

Follow him here: @chanoir1980


Cofee, a self-taught artist, takes his name from his first canvases, which he painted using coffee.   

Through encounters with various graffiti artists, including Rino and Esor, Cofee gradually found his own style, combining techniques acquired through his creations.  


It's in the "calligraffiti" movement that his work finds its essence.  

Rather than using the basics of calligraphy to form letters, Cofee reworks them to create portraits, animals or an abstract variation. A way of writing images.  

A technique honed through multiple creations on canvas, but also on walls, which are the artist's preferred medium. Daily studio work, however, enables him to perfect his techniques before applying them on a large scale. Walls are getting bigger and bigger: witness is the tower at the Moûtiers belvedere, which he created with his partner Rino.  

An avid hip-hop fan, Cofee brings his vision of this world to life in his graphics. In this context, he regularly takes to the stage with the company "Supreme Legacy" to combine dance and painting.  

An enthusiast of teamwork and challenges, he and Rino painted an entire 10,000 square meter wasteland building in Auvergne, before moving on to other large-scale projects.   

For several years now, Cofee has been exhibiting regularly at major contemporary art fairs with L'Arbre de Jade gallery and is gradually making a name for himself among collectors.   

Follow him here: @cofee_tsk


He studied graphic design and advertising and began painting on the street with a marker in 1985 and with aerosol in 1987. After filling up Barcelona, Catalonia, and the rest of Spain with his art, he began traveling to Europe and America and decorating their streets with his Logo-Art.


Xupet has collaborated with the fashion, skate, and sneaker world along with art marker brands and Street Art representative firms. His work has and continues to be exhibited insome of the most important galleries in the art scene worldwide including Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, San José (Costa Rica), Los Angeles & Miami among others.

Recently, after a successful Kickstarter campaign, he opened his own studio gallery in downtown Barcelona so he could be part of the urban art tours and to have direct contact with the community. 

He is the precursor of the Logo-Art and one of its most relevant figures, actively working in the graffiti scene from its beginning and a key stone of the street-art movement. He is influenced by Pop Art, the graffiti of the urban authors, the advertising and graphic design culture, the street signal language and the history of art.

The message is capital in his work, using social values such as peace, respect, diversity, equality, amongst others. To him, the purpose is to color walls and people minds. 

Follow him here: @elxupetnegre


Inspired by his late father, who was an amateur painter, Harry James took an early interest in drawing. In the Paris suburbs, he produced his first murals with spray cans and also practiced human beat box to accompany his rapper friend, later to become famous as MC Solaar.  


However, reality caught up with him and he submitted his portfolio as a graffiti artist. He was then hired as a decorator at Disneyland Paris before the park opened to the public. His work was so remarkable that Walt Disney Imagineering entrusted him with the renovation of the castle's paintings to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Disneyland Paris.  


At the same time, Harry James has continued to evolve within urban cultures and has now opted for acrylic painting. In 2012, he won the "Art Battles" in the heart of Paris, a live painting competition featuring a selection of France's best street artists.  


Fascinated by the animal kingdom and challenged by man's place in the ecosystem, Harry James creates therianthropic characters where human and animal anatomy mingle in a style that is both urban and distinguished.  

Follow him here: @harryjamesparis