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The 4th edition of Urban Painting Around the World has been held July 18th-20th, 2020, following COVID-19 regulations. The theme this year was Free Mediterranean, and the event was moved from the first time from its original spot on the Port Hercules to the Oceanographic Museum. 

This year, 6 artists, who we will be present below, have all rendered art pieces reflecting their view of how a Mediterranean Sea free of all pollution would be. On July 20th, H.S.H. Prince Albert II gave the honor of visiting the event to exchange with the artists right before the auction. 


On September 15th, we have presented a check for 12,850 euros raised to the FPA2 to contribute to their project, BeMed, in order to help the fight against plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea. Alberto Colman, President of UPAW explained during the occasion: "the auction has been very expedited, given the presence of art collectors that had already made their decisions. Despite having fewer artists present this year, and having only 2 artworks per artist instead of the usual 3, our desire to contribute and the work of the artists has allowed us to make a donation to the Fondation Prince Albert II for 12,850 euros." This donation will contribute to the project BeMed, Beyond Plastic Med, a task force to raise awareness and mobilize against plastic waste in the sea. 



ASHPE (France) is a graffitti artist and a member of Los Gringos. He started with graffiti in 2001, with Dreal. Then, in 2005, he meets Mr. OneTeas in a vacant lot. He will then spend many years painting walls all over Europe. 


He obtained a diploma from the ECAL (Switzerland) as an industrial designer in 2015 and designed sunglasses for luxury brands. Today, he is more interested in the "making" and the "production process", seeing graffiti as the materialization of a choreography of the body. 


Follow him here:


Dave Baranes is a self-taught painter and artist. He grew up in the Parisian suburbs where he gets passionated by graffiti and street art. His passion for the "wall" leads him to the creation of "trompe l'oeil" paintings. Those years of experience with decorative painting enabled him to acquire a perfect mastery of painting techniques as well as an openness to more traditional art. In 2015, Dave dares to embark on a collection of pieces to create felines, with striking looks, very colorful or sometimes black and white.


It is a very moving collection, where the expression of their eyes questions us about our own humanity. Success on social media is immediate.


Follow him @dave_baranes


PHENO (France)

From Toulouse, Pheno practices drawing, painting on any material, modeling as well as engraving. His art mainly reflects his attraction towards big cities and architecture. He also practices plasticity by using objects differently and recovering of materials. Through his artwork, he expresses his passion for the street art universe and particularly graffiti. 

Follow him here: @pheno_feno


JAZI (Switzerland)

It was at the end of the 80s that Jazi first tried his hand at the complex art of graffiti. From then on, he continues his research with a constantly renewed passion. Lettering in 2D, 3D, realistic portraits, surreal landscapes or abstract curves, each new work becomes the pretext for a technical challenge. Recognized by his peers, sought after for his talent, he carries out numerous mandates and experiments with various media, such as canvas, paper, or even printing.

Dario Vella2020.JPG


He starts making his first graffitis in the 90s and then creates big murals with his crew in Italy and Europe. He participates in many conventions where he adapts his style and his creativity by always trying to bend the limits of graffiti. He also studied painting and graphic design, which over the years allowed him to create his personal style and artistic maturity. Since 2005 art has become his main activity: painting on canvas and on different supports which quickly enters the art galleries.


Tigers are his favorite subjects, recognizing a certain passion for these animals, which, if they are not protected, will eventually be extinct. Follow him here: @dariovella

MR. ONE TEAS (Monaco)

Mr. OneTeas started graffiti in 2005. Self-taught, he develops his style through travels, meetings and exchanges, leaving his mark on the streets of major international cities. His work focuses on planned obsolescence by giving another life to materials and consumer objects of the past while illustrating the evils of our society. He draws his inspiration from the media, political and cultural environments. By diverting images and the news, he offers us his critical vision of society, marked by humour and originality.

In 2019, he produced his first museum retrospective at the Galerie Lympia, a former prison in Nice, with the exhibition “Reality Show 2.0” dealing with various ills of current society, by putting the viewer face to face with many excesses of our reality. Follow him here: @mroneteas

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